Get your employee benefits from an organization who values the same things you do.

Non‑profit employees matter

Like you, we are a non‑profit who works hard for our cause ‑ and our cause is you. We believe non‑profits like yours deserve to save money and provide great group benefits to their employees. Through our non‑profit group buying model, we can offer you the best insurer expense factors to make that possible.

Dependable, affordable rates

Some companies offer deceptively low rates at the beginning, only to raise those rates at your first renewal. Others build in margin so customers need to negotiate down. Not us. In fact, we don’t look to make a profit at all, so there is no need for sales games or strategic pricing. We offer you the best price the first time and ensure your benefits stay affordable, year after year.

Trusted support, every step of the way

When you contact us, there is no call centre, no hold music, and no waiting for the answers you need.  Your dedicated representative at OJTBF will help you every step of the way, while your representative at our insurance partner, SSQ Financial Group, will make sure you receive answers quickly and accurately.

Your Non‑Profit Deserves Better Group Benefits.  Get Started Today!

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