Imagine employee benefits designed for non‑profits like yours

We care about offering easy, trustworthy, and consistently affordable employee benefits to non‑profits.

Why? Because we are a non‑profit ourselves.

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Why Do Non‑Profits Switch Their Benefits to OJTBF?
The Answers are Simple.

“Our relationship with OJTBF has resulted in significant savings because of their not for profit operating model, and individual agencies like Creighton have benefitted from being included in a larger pool of similar organizations. As well, OJTBF has been extremely transparent in explaining any premium increases, and creative in proposing new services that could be of benefit to our employees.”

G. Kendall

“The transition from our previous carrier to SSQ was seamless; representatives from OJTBF came out and talked to our staff about the changeover process, what our new benefits would encompass, how staff would go about processing claims, and who to contact for different types of questions they may have about their benefit coverage.”

A. de la Ronde Cutt

“OJTBF remains superior to our previous provider in every way and takes the guesswork and games out of benefits management. The staff at OJTBF (Robert and Kurt) as well as at SSQ (Sheri) are incredible. They take the time to get to know our organization and work diligently to help us with anything we need…They provide a very human touch as the faces of their respective organizations.”

C. Fisher

Our partners typically saved an average of 10-20% on group benefits by joining OJTBF. Now it’s your turn.

Simply call us Toll Free at 877-766-7823 or fill out this contact form and an OJTBF representative will contact you to answer all your questions and start the process.

We will review details of your current plan, census data, and claims. Sit back and relax while we work with SSQ Financial to get the best quote for you using our non-profit group pricing.

If our quote saves you money, you can switch! We will manage the entire transition process for you. It’s really that simple.

Get a no cost, no obligation quote today!

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