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Are you tired of the same old drill… the bait and switch where providers offer excellent pricing initially – only for the offered savings to disappear the following year?

This is precisely where our not for profit model is different because we put our best pricing foot forward all the time – not just at the time of sale.

We don’t buy business with artificially low rates. Instead, we let our model drive the savings through the combination of exceptionally low plan expenses and by removing all profit, padding and margin in our quoted rates.

So how much can you expect to save? The easy answer is lots! That said, of course there are many factors which determine group insurance premium rates, such as census demographics, plan design and claims experience results.

We have created a simple calculator to give you a general idea of the type of savings you could expect to receive from OJTBF based on our historical quote data.

In just a few seconds, you will see why getting a quote from us will prove to be time well spent.

Number of covered employees: (3 employee minimum)

Monthly insured premium:$

Sample annual savings from OJTBF’s model:

So what could you do with the savings our model generated?

We offer full plan design customization so you drive the bus when it comes to plan enhancements, but here are just a few options:

Add an Employee Assistance Plan (EAP)

Add a new Vision benefit or increase the benefit you already have

Add a Critical Illness benefit for employees

The above sample annual savings and plan enhancement costings are for illustration purposes only and have been calculated using OJTBF’s historical block of business data, and exclude any applicable taxes. Actual figures will be determined based on the data specific to your organization.

What other advantages does OJTBF offer?

  • All quotes come with lengthy rate guarantees, which offer rate stability for an extended period of time
  • No charge Trip Cancellation coverage in the amount of $5,000 included in our Health benefit
  • Complimentary access to OJTBF HR Assist, which is an online HR solutions product powered by Humaniqa
  • Rate stabilization payments in years of surplus

It’s time for a group benefits quote from a company that cares. Let us help you get started.

Simply call us Toll Free at 877-766-7823 or fill out this contact form and an OJTBF representative will contact you to answer all your questions and start the process.

We create an easy road to benefits for your non-profit employees – no pressure, no sales tactics, and all the support you need.

Our group buying model means even small non-profits (with three or more eligible employees) can benefit from amazing rates. Your dedicated representative at OJTBF will work with SSQ Financial for a reliable quote, then walk you through the simple process of getting benefits for your employees.

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