We help you access easy, affordable benefits for your non‑profit employees

How? By being a non‑profit ourselves

How We Help You


Together as one large non‑profit buying group, we get the best insurer expense factors for all our partners. That means big savings, even for small and mid‑sized organizations.


We’re a non‑profit ourselves, so we charge minimal commissions, much lower than our competitors. We pass those savings directly on to you and even redistribute surplus funds when available.


You use the savings to benefit your employees and make our communities a better place through your awesome non‑profit work.

Can you really save money and improve your benefits with OJTBF? These organizations did.

Women’s Shelter
23 employees

Saved 8.6%

on annual premium
Used savings to:
+ Add Critical Illness benefit
+ Increase Vision benefit
+ Add Trip Cancellation coverage

Community Living Organization
75 employees
Saved 13.9%

on annual premium
Used savings to:
+Add new Employee Assistance Plan(EAP)

Family Health Team
36 employees

Saved 11.8%

on annual premium
Used savings to:
+ Add vision care     + Add orthotics
+ Add orthodontics
And still had 1.9% savings left!


Environmental Organization
40 Employees
Saved 16.1%

on annual premium
Used savings to:
+ Add drug card     + Add orthodontics
+ Increased maximums on life insurance
+ Increased maximums on AD&D
and long-term disability

We can do the same for you.

We exist to further the causes of those we insure,
which means all savings go back to your organization.

“The team at OJTBF are incredible. They take the time to get to know our organization and work diligently to help us with anything we need. They understand their business and our needs and they communicate regularly. Above all, they provide a very human touch as the face of their organization. I have recommended OJTBF to a number of my colleagues and I can say that I do not know of any organization that has regretted switching to them.”

Here are just some of the organizations we partner with:

  • kasloinfonet
  • join
  • intervalhouse
  • wac
  • partnerlogo8
  • partnerlogo9
  • partnerlogo10
  • partnerlogo11
  • partnerlogo12
  • partnerlogo13
  • partnerlogo14
  • partnerlogo15
  • partnerlogo16
  • echojustice

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